“Team Building is a specific intervention to address the development of theteam. Typically, it consists of a one (or more) day programme focussed on improvement of interpersonal  relations, improved productivity or better alignment of organisational goals” ( Kreik & Vent or,2009)
Team building is an OD intervention  aimed at enhancing team relationships to foster team planning and team performance through selected models of team building and facilitated by the use of tailored OD exercises and tools. (Personal)
As much as the success of a team building intervention strongly lies within the competency of the facilitator  and his tools, the outcome truly lies in the organisation’s ability to identify the need to transcend into higher performance to achieve greater goals as a team rather than fathom individualistic achievements. The OD Consultant herein has a role to bring to the fore, enough dissatisfaction in the current state  of the organization through data collection to warrant the needed change effort.
In facilitating the Team Building intervention, the OD Practitioner needs to stay conscious of the adult learning strategies to present an introduction in a way that creates an immediate striking realisation of the  relevance of the intervention to the organisation.



Organisational interventions are basically based on the outcomes of an Organisational Capacity Assessment.
With due regard to analysed organisational data, Team Building is often recommended as an expedient intervention in organisations whose capacity assessment indicates a less than satisfactory representation in relationships, reward systems, and leadership.
It may also be used as an effective intervention in strengthening and enhancing the performance of a mature  organisation. Its relevance may also be recommended where an organisation seeks to setup a new team.
Effective Team Building is achieved via a variety of Organisational Development(OD) tools, models and processes. This may range from simple bonding exercises to complex simulations designed to develop the team into a sustainable healthy and high performing setup.

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