It is a proven and established fact in Organisational Development that the process is as important as the content. Indeed how you arrive at the solutions and effect change in your organisation is a major determinant of the sustainability of your change effort. People tend to accept and adopt better to development ideas and steps emanating from themselves. This brings into focus the participatory nature of the Action Research Model utilized in the OD process. While managers in their abundance of business knowledge and administration may identify, manage and transcend Organisational issues, the OD approach presents the management and all stakeholders of the organisation a unique opportunity to own the Development of their organisation by playing recognizable key roles in Planning and decision making.
The OD consultant is uniquely trained to facilitate a process which guarantees the identification of root causes, the development of action plans and the implementation of necessary interventions. Without prejudice to other business related disciplines, it is necessary to stress the fact that the work of the OD professional compliments and enhances the expertise of other professionals.  The OD process creates an avenue for individuals in the organisation to furnish the organisation with the needed information and contribution to undertake pertinent interventions to transform organisations into higher performing, healthier setups.
While selected interventions may come easy to the learned business administrator, the craft of effecting it requires a carefully selected process which is mostly unavailable in the dogmatic educational format of most business programs. It takes a trained approach coupled with tailored OD tools and models to effect an intervention for sustainable transformation.

Organisations are built by people and developed by the people in the organisation. Competent individuals are critically employed to spearhead and man the operations of every organisation and therefore, it is only right to say that every member of your organisation is there because of an inherent capability to contribute to the growth and development of the organisation.
The OD  process which emphasizes the development of the organisation by the people, for the people and from the perspective of the people is certainly a model of transformation worthy of incorporation by organisational leaders who truly envision development beyond the myopia of individual and executive brilliance.

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