The aged Akan adage states that “advice changes no man, but trouble surely does”. The relation between the change and its catalyst lies not in the trouble but rather in the amount of DISSATISFACTION of the current state presented by the magnitude of the trouble.
People change only when there is reason to warrant a change. The reasons may vary from individual perspectives but the underlining factor constantly remains the same. DISSATISFACTION of current state + a VISION of better future state is the basic underlying factors for change. Prime to the change effort is the amount of dissatisfaction evident in the effort. Without enough dissatisfaction, the vision of a better future is limited by the illusion of the current state. While dissatisfaction may come as an involuntary spontaneous reaction to problems and issues emanating from present state, it may pay immeasurable dividends to consciously access the level of dissatisfaction in the current state of your organisation. This is Achievable through an Organisational Capacity Assessment (OCA) conducted by a certified Organisational Development Professional. The OCAT is an assessment tool used in OD to bring to bear the true reflection of the organisation’s current state. While an organisation may portray on the surface, a healthy and high performing status to the public, an OCA into the organisation could reveal hidden tendencies and drawbacks limiting the true potential of the organisation. The OCAT allows the stakeholders in the organisation to identify with the issues and drawbacks of the organisation while taking due cognizance of the organisation’s successful strategies and procedures. The organisation in unison thereof, acknowledges the amount of dissatisfaction present in the organisation and together as a team, consciously makes an effort to change.

It is expedient without prejudice to say that every organisation needs to periodically assess itself using proven OD tools and models to brace and buckle up its own growth.

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