The misconception that everyone  who conceives or starts a great Idea is an entrepreneur has misled potentially successful Corporations to crumble and fold up within the first five years of the business’ life. True entrepreneurs know as a fact that establishing a self-sustaining Idea goes beyond the conception and inception of a business. Leaders of the Business world know all too well that the unique key to the successful establishment, sustainability and growth of every business lies in the skill to develop a systematic and fail-proof Business or Strategic plan. Sadly, many persons with great ideas tend to delude themselves into believing they have everything planned out, and are often too enthused in the glow of their ideas to realize the need to follow the science of Strategic or Business planning.
While a comprehensive business plan presents the entrepreneur with several funding opportunities, the process of developing the plan is of priceless value to the entrepreneur. The process of Business planning using the unparalleled Organisational Development(OD) approach serves as a mirror which transforms the feasibility and viability of the business into a reality. In practice, a good business plan is the lifeline of every successful business, and has always been the growth specimen of successful companies.
It is herein expedient to reason out the importance of experiential training using proven OD models and strategies to equip the youth of our continent in the preparation of apt business plans. The unique OD approach allows entrepreneurs to polish up their Ideas into SMART business plans while building commitment and direction for their business. Pragmatic experience in business and strategic planning as applied in OD, is what African entrepreneurs and  “wantrepreneurs” need  to enable sustainable development.

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EXPERIENTIAL TRAINING IN STRATEGIC PLANNING : The Gateway to Sustainable Entrepreneurial Solutions in Climate change Resilience | vitusODpro

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